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  • Lage: Im Lake District National Park
  • Tiefe: 80m
  • Ein klarer und kalter See mit wenig Fischen.
    Bekannt durch seine Gartenzwerg-Kolonie am Seegrund.
    Allerdings ist der See Aufgrund der 80m Tiefe sehr gefährlich. Es starben hier schon mehrere Taucher, die die Gartenzwerge gesucht haben !

    This is another divable lake. You should be able to spot the entry point by the other divers. This is a muddy old lake, but clearer than Cniston, though a lot further drive. A local club has roped a route which leads from about 4m out to 20m to a rocky oucrop in a seea of mud. The outcrop has a number of memorials to divers who have died by diving over the dropoff at the other side of the outcrop. The drop off dros down to 40m+ and I don't know if it is there any longer but there used to be a gnome garden at the bottom.

    Permission required. Clear, cold, deep. The Pinnacles are the main attraction but you will need to ask local divers when you get down there. Difficult to direct you to the exact entry point due to the large number of small car park areas along the lake-side. At the correct one, you fin straight out to 15 metres turn right and follow the contour until you come across the marker line that has been placed as the guide. Follow this out and you will find the tip of the Pinnacles. It's a case of over the end and descend the abyssal face passing the deceased diver plaques as you go at around the 30 /40 metre marks, there is even a gnome city at 32 metres if you can find them - take a gnome down and leave him/her there as a novelty gesture, the more the merrier! Many have tried to reach Australia but have sadly never made it so please stop here. It's very cold and freeze ups are common past 40 metres.

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