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Wrack Cheynes III

  • Tiefe: 13-22m
  • Beschreibung: Wrackdetails Name: Cheynes III
    Typ: Walfänger
    Tiefe: 13-22m

    Wegen teilweise starken Wellen und Strömung ist der Tauchgang nicht immer einfach.

    Scuttled June 23rd 1982 as a dive wreck. First purpose prepared wreck in Southern Hemisphere. The ex whale chaser is now home for a diverse range of marine life. Clouds of Bulls Eye swim around the bridge in vast schools and share the site with Queen Snapper, Blue Groper, Harlequin, Blue Devils and countless small colourful reef fish. Sponges, soft corals, coral fans and marine plants litter the decks and gangways.
    The site has a permanent mooring, which makes for easy and safe descent – ascent and boating. Not advisable to enter into the wreck due to its broken condition.
    A fantastic dive in most weather except for S-SW winds of any real strength. Good shelter from easterly winds due to the proximity of Michealmas Island.



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